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Cultural Diversity

Click the "View PDF" to pull up information on Cultural Diversity. After you read through the PDF please scroll down the page to take the test that directly relates to the PDF. If you need to travel back to the employee portal you can click here.

Test - Cultural Diversity

    1. Knowing where to send a bill
    2. Identify the role he or she played throughout life
    3. Know whom to invite to the birthday party
    1. Enhance a nursing assistant's relationship with residents
    2. Keep a nursing assistant from offending residents
    3. Earn residents' trust
    4. All of the above
  1. True
    1. Using a cultural holiday for an activity program
    2. Giving residents a chance to try a new cultural experience
    3. Acknowledging to Irish residents an awareness of their customs
    4. All of the above
    1. Irish residents
    2. People between the ages of 25-55
    3. Cognitively-impaired residents
    4. Residents from Alaska
    1. Keep this a secret in order not to embarass the resident
    2. Document this information and report it to the charge nurse and the rest of the staff
    3. Pull the resident by the arm, and say, "That's okay, you'll have fun with us."
    1. Playing bingo
    2. Painting their nails
    3. Going to the dining room for lunch
    4. All of the above
  2. True
    1. Helps a nursing assistant learn more about their previous activities
    2. Infringes on their privacy and should be avoided
    3. Might confuse a nursing assistant and interfere with his or her responsibilities
  3. True
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