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Communicating with Families

Click the "View PDF" to pull up information on Communicating with Families. After you read through the PDF please scroll down the page to take the test that directly relates to the PDF. If you need to travel back to the employee portal you can click here.

Test - Communicating with Families

    1. Guilt
    2. Miscommunication
    3. Stress
    4. All of the above
    1. Stand with your arms folded in front of you
    2. Stand with arms at your sides
    3. Stand with hands in your pockets
    4. Always talk while seated
    1. Maintain eye contact while speaking with them
    2. Smile and say hello
    3. Ask questions to understand their expectations
    4. Speak rudely to them
    1. Treat others like you want to be treated
    2. Always say what you think the other person wants to hear, regardless of the truth
    3. Try to avoid requests that take too much time to complete
    1. A family member is upset because her mother's hairbrush is missing
    2. A family member is upset because her mother was given the wrong medication
    3. A family member is upset because the nursing home is "overcharging" for medications
    4. Any of the above
    1. Arguing about who caused the problem
    2. Avoiding the person who is upset
    3. Apologizing for the inconvenience of the problem
    4. Speaking the loudest
    1. Grab the person by the arm
    2. Point your finger at him or her
    3. Call the person by his or her first name
    4. Ask the person how you can help
  1. True
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