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Doctors Orders about Eating

Click the "View PDF" to pull up information on doctors orders about eating. After you read through the PDF please scroll down the page to take the test that directly relates to the PDF. If you need to travel back to the employee portal you can click here.

Doctors Orders about Eating

Question 1.

It seems amazing, but the foods a person eats make a difference in whether a person

Question 2.

The amount of a food provides is measured in calories.

Question 3.

The number of calories a person needs is affected by

Question 4.

Think of one oí your clients that you help or have helped with meals. Or, if you don't help a client with meals think of your own eating patterns. Look at the pictured Food Pyramid. Which of the food groups are most of the food choices from?

Question 5.

Usually, as we learn more about something, we make better choices. What are some ideas about how can you help your client make healthier food choices?

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