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Question 1.

Documentation means:

Question 2.

Write down 2 of the 4 reasons writing things down (documenting) accurately is so important:

Question 3.

Unless a client pays privately, Medicaid decides how many hours of PCS a client qualifies for, and how much the co-pay is, if the client has one.

Question 4.

It is Medicaid fraud if you check that you are doing tasks for the client but you don't really do them. The state can require those who commit fraud to pay back any money they earned while working dishonestly.

Question 5.

It helps the Medicaid nurses when they go to client's homes for the annual a ts and can read the progress notes to see exactly what kind of help the client needs.

Question 6.

A client has the right to refuse help with something that is on the NSA or the Care Plan. The caregiver just needs to write the letter and e w the task wasn't done.

Question 7.

Progress notes must be filled out and signed

Question 8.

Medicaid can audit a caregiver's progress notes in the client's home without Above and Beyond knowing about it.

Question 9.

Incorrect documentation is grounds for probation or termination.

Question 10.

For Above and Beyond, progress notes must be submitted by the before a payday. Later than that can lead to losing your job.
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