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Clean Hands Save Lives

Click the "View PDF" to pull up information on Hand Sanitizers and how they work. After you read through the PDF please scroll down the page to take the test that directly relates to the PDF. If you need to travel back to the employee portal you can click here.

Clean Hands Save Lives

  1. Hand sanitizer works by changing the of the bacteria so they can't

  2. In order for the sanitizer to be effective, it is important to:

    1. Know the percent of in the sanitizer gel, to be sure it is more than %.
    2. Use enough gel so that your hands stay wet as you rub your hands and fingers for at least seconds.
    3. Your hands can't be visibly .
  3. Hand sanitizer isn't recommended for use after using the bathroom yourself or changing someone's Attends or pull-up, because the gel can't cleanse your hands of BM and also can't kill ss.
  4. More studies are needed to know just how well hand sanitizer kills vs. It is important to know this since viruses cause illnesses like c and the .
  5. What is the best way to be sure your hands have been thoroughly cleansed?
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