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Blood Sugar

Click the "View PDF" to pull up information on Blood Sugar. After you read through the PDF please scroll down the page to take the test that directly relates to the PDF. If you need to travel back to the employee portal you can click here.

Test - Blood Sugar

  1. True
    1. Increased insulin secretion
    2. Decreased insulin secretion
    3. No change in insulin secretion
    4. No insulin secretion
    1. No insulin secretion
    2. Increased cell sensitivity to insulin
    3. Decreased cell sensitivity to insulin
    4. Decreased blood sugar levels
    1. Increased caloric intake
    2. Decreased effectiveness of medications
    3. Missed dose of insulin
    4. Nausea and vomitting
    1. Jitteriness
    2. Increased appetite
    3. Decreased urine production
    4. Sweating
  2. Type 1
    Type 2
    1. "You will need this shot from now on because your diabetes is getting worse."
    2. "You will probably only need this while in the hospital. When you are sick, your glucose goes up."
    3. "You are getting the shot to decrease your insulin production."
    4. "You are getting the shot to stimulate your pancreas to make more insulin. If it works, you won't need anymore insulin"
    1. Measure the amount of insulin in the body
    2. Decide how many calories the patient will need
    3. Monitor the effect of medications and diet on glucose levels
    4. Decide if diabetes medications (pills) need to be given
    1. Retinopathy
    2. Neuropathy
    3. Coronary artery disease
    4. Nephropathy
    1. Blindness
    2. Amputation
    3. Kidney Failure
    4. Heart Disease
    5. All of the above
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